Sunday, May 3, 2009

Applying new knowledge

I went on the good 'ol wild art hunt today. I was photographing some adults playing volleyball at a family picnic when I saw this little guy behind the tent, tinkering with an air pump and the gas cap of a truck. By the time I got over to him, he had found a spot to stick the nozzle and was figuring out how to use the pump. I found it a bit challenging to write a caption, because I'm not sure if he was "putting gas in the car" or "air in the tires." Regardless, I think he is learning how the world works and is mohawk is pretty awesome.

After watching family members use an air pump to fill up footballs and volleyballs at a picnic in Berg Park on Sunday, 2-year-old Jamal Eaglefeather got to work on the gas tank of a nearby truck.

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NateGonzo said...

Linz, this foto rocks! Come to think of it, you've got A LOT of great stuff on here - but then again, I already knew you were a bad-ass.